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The Pack 22.jpg

DI Joe Carter investigates the deaths of two fellow officers savaged by dogs while pursuing a criminal organisation. It quickly becomes apparent that this is no ordinary investigation or isolated incident—all across London, man’s best friend begin to bite and tear at the hands that feed them. The dogs are forming a pack that grows as quickly as the victims it creates; the dead, the injured, and the people the dogs infect with their madness. Yet, to Joe, the attacks still seem to be connected to the criminal organisation, and he has a fight on his hands to keep the case and make sense of what is happening. He is convinced that behind the vicious pack of animals is the hand of man, but is unprepared for the truth that will shake his understanding of the world…

Available from most good e-book retailers from 2022.

The Room 22.jpg

An assault at work leaves Tom Willis with Post Traumatic Stress-Disorder: noises and closed doors arouse debilitating bouts of irrational dread of what might lie behind them. He is at risk of losing his job and his girlfriend, but when those closest to him begin to share his terror of something lurking behind closed doors, he realises it is not only his sanity at risk, but his life and the lives of those around him. To unlock the secret of his fear, Tom must revisit a childhood he had done his best to distance himself from. A time when he was an orphan, living in a children’s home. In his hometown, with his childhood best friend, and in the basement of their ruined home, he will face a battered and scarred door. To challenge the room that is haunting him, he must confront the past, and ignore the persistent warning in his mind—“Don’t open the door…”

Available from most good e-book retailers from 2022.

Harvest 22.jpg

Craig Digby lives in a high-rise block of flats at the heart of Camden and is striving to make a life for himself away from the family business. But when a child goes missing from her locked ninth floor home, he realises he is sitting on a story and an opportunity to begin the writing career he yearns for. The mystery deepens and becomes more sinister as other residents disappear, become uncharacteristically violent, or are killed. Something has been unleashed within the tower. Craig and a handful of disparate residents must overcome their personal beliefs, conflicts and fears, to unite against an evil that can reach into homes, control minds and corrupt flesh, for they alone realise the true nature of what is happening, and only they can stop the Harvest…

Available from most good e-book retailers from 2022.

Ivory 22.jpg

Martin Roberts has made a successful career from painting as an artist and lecturer. Yet he is finding that his creativity is slipping away—stifled by family life. That is until he is responsible for running a young woman down in his car. Miraculously she survives, but stranger than her lack of injuries is her striking physical appearance; stark white hair and skin, and jet-black eyes. Being mute, her condition and background remain a mystery. That night should have been the last Martin saw of this girl called Ivory, but he finds he is haunted by her looks, and she has stoked the embers of his creativity. He realises he must paint her and seeks her out in London’s streets of vice, facing dangers of this world and another, pursuing an obsession that he discovers has led to the deaths of others before him and could unleash bloody chaos upon the world…

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